About LA n Sync

LA n Sync is a groundbreaking partnership that brings together the academic, civic, nonprofit, business and philanthropic sectors of Greater Los Angeles to pursue and win major funding opportunities.  

LA is truly America in fast forward. The LA region is one of the most vibrant and diverse in the world.  The frontier of ideas, innovation and interconnectedness. The creative capital.  What happens here has a profound impact on what happens nationally.

When all of LA unites with a common purpose, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

LA n Sync serves our community in four critical ways:

  • Identifying significant government and charitable funding opportunities.
  • Connecting key members of our civic community, forming and fostering new partnerships.  These alliances are strategically designed to create the strongest team possible to pursue each opportunity.
  • Supporting these partnerships by helping them submit the most compelling funding applications.  LA n Sync provides a variety of tools, including a pool of skilled and vetted professional grantwriters, letters of support, and specially-tailored strategies to raise matching funds.
  • Helping state and federal government officials navigate Greater Los Angeles' diverse network of resources, opportunities and cross-sector collaborations.